Have you done the math behind the pandemic spread?

Number of units in my apartment                                                 500

Average number of online deliveries per day      (A)                   175

Avg number of deliveries done by each delivery boy (B)           50

Risk points at your apartment daily (A x B)                               8750

Monthly risk points you take                                        262500

One person doing all errands is safety for the community

Thats where we have designed the Taxshe Errands.  Basically a (Wo)Man Friday for your community at your gate for min 4 hours a day, every single day.  Doing all your errands - picking up your meds, getting your food from restaurants, depositing your cheques into the bank, driving you even in emergencies.  A boon for the seniors.  SANITIZED AFTER EACH AND EVERY DRIVE.

At a very minimal monthly subscription of R.1542/- per family, as the cost gets shared over 25 families. 

Apply now to set up Errands for your community