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Thank You for wanting to work with us!  We are glad you took this initiative !

Taxshe aims at bringing in a social change by bringing in women drivers into our Indian society.  We brand ourselves as Roos, which stems from the animal Kangaroo.  A Kangaroo is a very caring yet a very strong animal, and we believe we Roos have the same instinct.  By being a Roo, we take on the responsibility of keeping our women, children and senior citizens safe.  Which we are really proud of.  And we want our Roo families to carry the same pride in them.  The society needs us, and we are catering to a very sensitive issue of safety.
This position is not for the weaker sex, it is for strong women, who take their own decisions.  Women who are proud of who we are, who tackle situations and change with time and become stronger than before.  Who are not afraid to take the road less travelled, in fact want to be there where there is no road yet.

Benefits of being a Roo

Branding as a ROO

Flexible working hours - This is an important job, get paid accordingly

Pepper spray

Accept rides in your local area

Clients are only women, children and senior citizens

Easy payments

2 months intensive training : driving skills, Communication skills, Basic self defence

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Listen to Our Roos

” I myself have a little daughter and was always worried about sending her in a school bus, this came as a fantastic opportunity to keep our kids safe and also earn some more “

Age 39, Insurance advisor, Mother of 2

” Just the salary was not enough to take care of ever increasing costs, this helps me make about 8000-10000 more every month, which is a relief “

Age 42, Customer service executive in an app development company, Single mom

”  I am a cancer survivor, and want to encourage other ladies to fight back in life and enjoy living! I am proud to be an inspiration for more to take this unconventional step! “

Age 30, Cancer recovered fighter, Bread winner for a family of 4

” Had been a home maker for so long now, at this age, it is difficult to get a job again.  This way I help my husband financially and am also safe because I drive only ladies and kids “

Age 44, Home maker, Was earlier working in a software company, Comeback to work after a 5 year break

” I want to go abroad of a post graduation course, but my family cannot afford the costs.  This way I will save some money and in a year hopefully, should be able to go abroad “

Age 25, Social media marketing executive, Wants to sponsor her higher education costs

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