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So you learnt driving but cannot drive your own car? Ever wondered why?  Ohh..because people told you that you cannot drive?  Get over it, its not your fault!  We will tell you what is :

1.  Driving schools train you on a dual clutch - basically the trainer controls the clutch and the brake, and you are simply playing with the accelerator thinking you are driving!  And when you come back home, you really dont know what you ever learnt in those days!!

2.  Driving schools rarely have women trainers - women encourage women, they hold you up, they believe in you.  Trust us, it makes a HUGGGE Difference!

3.  You learn on one car and then you drive another - no car feels the same, no single car feels the same, so how can you possibly drive one you didnt learn on

Our solution - Women enabling you to drive your own car at your own pace!! Take your time!! Its a lifeskill!

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There is nothing better in life than to be the wind below someone's wings and teach them to fly!  Ask us, we have trained over 350 women in driving, and driving is just the medium to being independent, to soar high in life, you know what we are talking about right?

Learn to be a trainer, knowing how to drive is different from teaching someone how to drive, your heart leaps out!!!  But you know you are good enough to manage it, we have our own inhouse receipie to train the trainers..

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Taxshe Breakfree Coach - Urmi Chowdhuri

Urmi - had a corporate career over 20 years, in advertising.  The Pandemic was mean to her, like many others, and she lost her job.  But the silver lining here, was her will to survive and the spunk to try something new!  Jobs didnt excite her anymore, and when she realised her driving passion could secure her retirement, she got into an entrepreneurial zone and took up a franchise with us!

There was no turning back, she now breathes, loves and lives driving! And has trained over 50 clients, set them free on their way to independence

Her favourite hashtag is #AbNhiToKab

Taxshe Breakfree Coach - Usha Murthy Shettigar

Usha, Our Senior Coach believes its never too late to learn something new, to experiment with life.  Usha was a school principal who had to see a different life post the COVID 19 pandemic with schools closed...and an age where getting another job would not be possible at all...

She had been driving from over 30 years now, a BADASS woman who said what the heck, lets do something new!  Old is Gold after all.  She took up a franchise partnership with us and is called as "SUPER NAANI" by everyone, an inspiration for the next generation!

Taxshe Breakfree Coach - Seema Sinha

Seema had been a stay at home mom for more than 2 decades.  With her first born, everything was put on the back burner and then she had 2 more kids.  Life was thrown out of gear and before she knew it, 2 decades went by, being a micro managing mom.  In between, she tried to get back to corporate life, but had to give up as it was too late getting back to that kind of rigour.

As she touches 50, she has plunged into entrepreneurship, encashing on her passion for driving, and partnered with us for Gurgaon.  She loves being a woman coach, an arena where women are rarely seen.  The adulation and fabulous reviews from fellow women givers her a high which is way beyond money.  She believes this venture is her 4th child!

Her Favourite hashtag is #UthoAurChalo