Our Business

Our aim is to provide women drivers on call for you, to pick up and drive your children to and from school, to drive your parents for medical appointments,  to drive your wife and sisters to work, for shopping trips and family gatherings .  Our aim is to create a safe environment for our families to move around. The structure is simple – YOUR CAR AND OUR DRIVER (ONLY WOMEN)


What in the world is a Roo?

Yes, we know you want to know that. Roo is a designation we give our women drivers, because we take inspiration from the Kangaroo, which is a strong and caring animal. We intend to brand the caretaker as a Roo, and move beyond the typical “blue collared job” story in India. This is a work of pride and much needed to keep our families safe, so let’s respect the ladies who venture out to bring us this comfort and peace of mind.


What qualifies someone to be a Roo

We understand that safety is the top priority for families. Hiring is Roo is more like having a teacher, nanny or other caregiver available whenever you need help getting your family where they need to go.  Our Roos dont hit the road on a handshake and a smile, they have gone through an orientation that prepares them for the important job of transporting your family safely and efficiently. Our Roos undergo extensive training and police verifications before they are onboarded.


Vandana Suri is a mom and a caretaker first. She is also a serial entrepreneur and carries with her over 20 years of working experience involving diverse industry and in dynamic roles. Her early days in the field of chartered accountancy and financial management experience , helped her to head Whitefield Honda, an automobile giant in Bangalore as Head – Finance. From there, her career evolved into setting up business of car finance, general insurance and life insurance business.


Benefits of TAXSHE

Services are available only for women, children, senior citizens and families accompanied with a lady

Trusted drivers

Driving training

Communication skills

Self defence and pepper spray

Live customer support

Schedule reminders

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