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Taxshe is a movement that makes India safer by knitting together a reliable transport fabric exclusively for women and kids. We are a team of women custodians and “alternate moms“, who drive women and kids to their destinations.

Taxshe is not another cab service, we are the pioneers who have understood the epidemic of Child Sexual abuse and found the most practical way to combat it- “Women Drivers“. It is secured mobility wrapped in compassion, coated in empathy and sealed with plenty of Love.

Motherhood now is a paid job!!


What in the world is a Roo?

Roo is our brand for women drivers, taking inspiration from a Kangaroo mother- who is caring and strong.  We intend to move beyond the typical “blue collared job” story in India. This is a much needed work of pride to keep our families safe, so let’s respect the ladies who venture out to bring us this comfort and peace of mind.

Our Roos don’t hit the road on a handshake and a smile, we transform the lives of women through an elaborate and comprehensive 6 to 8 months long training program that equips them with all the life-skills and professionalism required to be self-assured, competent and financially secure.

Your child’s security is her drive!!


Who can be a Roo?

We understand that safety is the top priority for families. While hiring a Roo we ensure that she is mature, sensible and is capable to offer the same level of care to your children, like you would. She is more like having a teacher, nanny or any other caregiver.

The equal exchange of dignity and respect creates win-win situation for our Roos and clients.

We are  powered by love and driven by compassion!!


VANDANA SURI, Founder - Roo

Vandana Suri is a mom and a caretaker first. She is also a serial entrepreneur and carries with her over 20 years of working experience involving diverse industry and in dynamic roles. Her early days in the field of chartered accountancy and financial management experience , helped her to head Whitefield Honda, an automobile giant in Bangalore as Head – Finance. From there, her career evolved into setting up business of car finance, general insurance and life insurance business.

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Sushil Shroff is an polished entrepreneur with more than 15 years of hardcore business experience. He has steer-headed various businesses like retail garments, to industrial spare parts, labour management and now is the backbone to operations at TAXSHE.

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Mrs Bhavana Pramod Bagalwadi is a qualified Chartered Accountant from India , ACCA from London and holds a masters Degree in Finance from Notre Dame Australia. She began her career as an auditor in India and has headed projects in Finance, Audit and ERP in Middle East, Kenya, Nigeria, Australia & Ghana for the last 21 years. She is currently based in Nairobi kenya and handles international operations of Taxshe.

Benefits of TAXSHE

Services are available exclusively for women, children and senior citizens.

Verified Women Drivers

Well Trained Drivers

Professional Women Drivers

Trained in Self Defence

Live customer support

No Cancellations – 100% Reliable Service

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